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Quality Rifle Parts and Accessories for Your Firearms

Enhance your firearms with premium rifle parts and hardware that you can find at Anarchy Outdoors. We carry everything you need to upgrade your rifles including muzzle brakes, scope mounts, trigger shoes, and much more. You can find a variety of rifle stocks in many different sizes as well as rifle barrels that are crafted for unmatched drop-in accuracy.

Find essential rifle parts to enhance your firearms at Anarchy Outdoors

The Mad Scientist .30 Cal Muzzle Brake


The Mad Scienctist .30 Cal Muzzle Break by Pariot Valley Arms draws its name from its creator at Pariot Valley Arms. These brakes are designed and manufactred by Patriot Valley Arms. They are made from 416R stainless steel and threaded 5/8 x 24 class 3b...

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ARC MAG 10-ROUND 7.62×51 (308 WIN)


Purposefully designed for use with cylindrical actions such as the Mausingfield and the Remington 700 type short actions, the ARC mag offers a compact 10-round alternative to the Accuracy International CS type magazines. 10-round ARC Mag is only...

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Athlon Argos BTR 1-4x24 AHSR14 FFP IR MIL


For those of you that are just getting started in the PRS or are looking to start, take a close look at the Argos BTR family of scopes. These scopes have features normally only found on high-end scopes. It has a 4x magnification that makes it versatile...

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Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29X56 FFP IR MIL

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Whether you want to do precision long-range shooting and tactical applications, or extreme long range hunting adventures, the new Cronus BTR scope is just what the doctor ordered. With all of the same key features of the Cronus line, the new Cronus BTR...

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This is the AMBIDEXTROUS version of the BCMGUNFIGHTER CHARGING HANDLE A Charging Handle for the 21st Century Gun Fighter A NEW Charging Handle and Extended Latch System Charging Handle Machined from 7075 T6 Billet Hard Coat Anodized per...

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Color: Black  Made to fit ALL KeyMod mounting surfaces with seven (7) consecutive KeyMod Slots.  Ultra-slim and radiused surface to allows a “round” handguard feeling, from an Octagonal profile.  Aggressive Non-Slip or...

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Calvin Elite (Black Rifle Trigger)


The Calvin Elite Custom replacement trigger for the AR platform features a brand new internal design that rests in the proven and industry-defining Timney AR housing. It maintains an ultra-reliable 5-pound hammer spring coupled with a crisp and zero...

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