Replacement Tikka T3 pre-fit Barrel


Anarchy Outdoors is proud to carry the Patriot Valley Arms selection of pre-machined, custom cut barrels for the discerning rifleman.  These barrels are made from only premium-grade match barrel blanks, cut specific to customer request, and they do...

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Tikka T3 Action Wrench


This rear-entry action wrench is designed to be used with the Tikka T3 family of receivers, it works in all configurations of the receiver. It does not properly fit Surgeon, Savage, Bighorn or Remington actions. Suggested installation torque is...

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Forster 308 Win GO Gauge Head Space gauge


Forster Products manufactures precision headspace gauges to maximize safety and accuracy in your rifle. These gauges are necessary when finish chambering a barrel, or when checking the chamber of a used gun to be sure the headspace dimensions are within...

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Seekins Precision barrels live up to the companys name. Precision CNC machined to match grade specifications from the best quality stainless steel blanks available, each barrel is inspected no less than four times guarantee maximum accuracy and...

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Seekins Precision NOXs KeyMod Rail 15"


Designed to eliminate weight and un-necessary materials, the NOXs™ handguard provides superior handling performance to the modern sporting rifle platform at an exceptional value. The NOXs™ unique handguard design has an extremely thin...

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