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Adaptive Tuning System

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Using an ATS Tuner to Improve any Rrifle’s Accuracy

Most barrel tuners on the market require additional gunsmithing, making the tuner specific to that barrel. However, Gunsmithing the barrel for a tuner makes tuning your barrel very expensive. Especially if you decide the tuner isn't working and want to try a different one. At Kinetic Security Solutions, they designed an adaptive tuning system(ATS) that allows all barrels with muzzle threads to work with the barrel tuner.

Barrel Tuner Design

This barrel tuner design stands out because instead of clamping or requiring additional threading behind the muzzle threads, it fits onto the existing muzzle threads. Because muzzle threads have standard sizing, these tuners work with several setup varieties. Anarchy carries these ATS tuners for ⅝ x 24, ½ x 28, and ¾ x 24 muzzle-threaded barrels.

To install this rifle barrel tuner, first screw the tuner onto the barrel. Then either thread the muzzle brake, suppressor or thread protector onto the tuner. Once on, loosen one or two set screws on the tuner and use the four-plus rotations to adjust the tuning weight to the ammo you're shooting.

Rifle Barrel Tuner Use

Those who have tried this rifle barrel tuner say it simplifies an otherwise complicated process. Many shooters love that the ATS provides a solid and compact solution to erratic barrel vibrations different ammo causes. They enjoy seeing their groups shrink as they tune the barrel.


Manufacturer Notes: 

Support barrels up to ~1.08" diameter approximately 2 inches behind the muzzle an weighs approximately 6oz. The tapered version accommodates larger barrel contours than the original while maintaining a closer fit to the barrel to avoid catching it on barricades or external objects. 

The ATS is designed to be used with a thread protector, muzzle brake or suppressor to secure the ATS in place. If you have a timed muzzle brake or a muzzle brake that is not self timing via a reverse jam nut then the ATS may not work with your setup. 

Current production Models are black nitride and have reference markings laser engraved on the outside of the tuner weight. The silver models you see in the gallery are first run prototypes used during the testing phases.

  • Utilizes your existing muzzle threads
  • No additional gunsmith work required
  • All common thread types available
  • Allows using your existing muzzle brake or suppressor of choice


Customer Reviews

  • Adaptive Tuning System

    Posted by Daniel on Sep 8th 2022

    I purchased a Ruger Precision Rimfire in .17 HMR and was very disappointed with my 2 moa groups ( I tried 6 different types of ammo which included both 17 and 20 gr bullets). I had given up and planned a much more expensive upgrade, but was again disappointed when I could not get the new rifle I wanted in .17 due to availability issues. Internet research brought me to the ATS as an option. I went through the tuning process outlined in a YouTube video and was amazed at the results with the only ammo I still had on hand. I'm now shooting 1/2 moa groups on calm days and will not consider another .17 or removing the ATS from this one.
    Very well satisfied!!

  • Adaptive tuning system

    Posted by Brad on Apr 4th 2021

    Works just like they said it would. Will
    Buy again

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