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CCA Integrated Anti-Cant Level


Our friends down the road at Cross Canyon Arms have done it again. Introducing CCA's integrated AntiCant Level. Instead of worrying about a level that sticks out to the side or forgetting to attach it for that match in the neighboring state, this allows...

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Custom Rifle Hitch Covers

$59.99 $29.99

Want some serious swag for your vehicle? Show off the build and pay homage to the world of Precision Rifle Shooting or just show a little snob action. Well then, we have something right up your alley. Introducing Custom Hitch Covers CNCD from A34 16...

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Harris Bipod Locking Levers

$39.95 $24.95

ITS MODELS WITH KNURLEDKNOB FOR LEG HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTLEG LOCKING LEVERS Easily adjust and set leg height with one hand Stay behind the rifle while adjusting leg height When legs adjusted and locked with the lever before full extension, the legs are...

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MagnetoSpeed RifleKuhl Barrel Cooler

$59.99 $54.99

Tired of waiting and waiting for your rifle to cool down? MagnetoSpeed's new barrel cooler, RifleKuhl, is designed to get barrel temperatures down to intended operating levels quickly. The turbocharger inspired impeller is engineered to product great...

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MasterPiece BA CZ-455 Chassis

$925.00 $850.00

**Use Promo Code "giveme10more" for 10% off this Chassis**   Description The CZ455 chassis is our Hybrid model chassis, inletted for the CZ455 or CZ457 action (choose your action). The length of pull and cheek position are adjustable via set...

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MasterPiece BA CZ-457 Chassis

$925.00 $850.00

Description After many requests from our customer base, MPA developed a BA Lite Chassis for the CZ-455. At an astonishing 2.7 lbs with no recoil pad, the BA Lite CZ-455 will provide an excellent platform for the CZ-455 barreled action. As with our BA...

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MPA BA Chassis Offset Barricade Stop

$79.99 $59.99

This offset barricade stop is designed to be used in PRS and similar long-range rifle competitions when using the MPA BA Chassis system. Designed like our standard rotating barricade stop, but with a wider base. The hole location for the quick release...

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