bolt knob upgrades


Action Rod for Ruger Precision Magnum Rifle


Rifle Action Rod for Magnum Rifle Models This Anarchy Outdoors rifle action rod is for the Ruger Precision Magnum Rifle models. This rod will slip directly into the action of the Magnum rifle, providing overall support for barrel changes. This device...

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Tactical (Folding) Bolt Carrier Extension


Anarchy Outdoors Tactical Folding Bolt Carrier Extension Are you trying to reduce the cycling noise and recoil of your AR-15 by using the JP Silent Capture Spring or Armaspec buffer? Don't forget to upgrade your bolt carrier group with our unique...

Titanium AR-15 Enhanced Firing Pin


The Anarchy Outdoors AR-15 grade 5 Titanium Enhanced Firing Pin is a must have for any 7.62x39 build, it will fire the round without piercing the primer on any caliber or primer.   Product Details: Dimensions: 3.25" x 3/8" x 3/8" Material:...

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