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True shooters know the value of quality gun parts that they can rely on. Anarchy Outdoors carries a line of premium, Titanium rifle components that any gun owner can appreciate. Our selection includes muzzle brakes, firing pins, bolt knobs, and so much more to upgrade your firearms to your specifications. Titanium parts are manufactured from the finest grade 5 titanium, 6061-T6 aluminum, and steel for durability and performance.

Get quality, titanium rifle components at Anarchy Outdoors

Titanium Taurus PT-22 Firing Pin

$32.00 $22.99

This is a direct replacement for the venerable firing pin found on the Taurus PT-22 and is a must have when the factory parts fail. It is manufactured from 6AL4V Titanium making it resistant to breakage. The smiths at Titanium Gun Parts use in house live...

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Ruger Precision Rifle Aluminum Trigger Shoe

$39.99 $34.99

The Titanium Gun PartsTrigger Shoe is a great addition to your RPR or any rifle with a blade safety type trigger, the shoe covers the trigger shoe deleting the blade safety function. The set screws of the shoe are drilled on a 45deg angle to provide a...

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TPI Titanium Full Port Muzzle Brake

$65.00 $55.00

The TPI Titanium Full Port Muzzle Brake comes in two sizes 30 cal. 5/8x24 and 22 cal 1/2x28. TheTitanium Gun Parts 30 cal grade 5 Titanium Muzzle Brake is one of the best brakes on the market, weighing in at .67 oz its also one of if not the lightest!...

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Titanium Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider

$74.99 $64.99

Grade 5 Titanium tri-port muzzle brake is perfect for any A-15, semi automatic, or bolt gun with a 5/8x24 tpi threaded barrel.  * Weighs only 1.15 Oz! * 5/8x24 tpi thread * Reduces recoil, muzzle rise and hides the flash * Directly threads on...

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Stainless Steel Gas Block .750 DIA


Anarchy Outdoors and Titanium Gun Parts bring you a unique, stainless steel gas block manufactured to mil-spec requirements with a low profile to fit the growing gas gun market. Especially helpful in customizing short-barreled rifles. Machined from 17-4...

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Titanium AR-15 Easy Pull Pin Set


Precision engineered Grade 5 Titanium AR-15 Takedown pins. These are super light weight corrosion free pins. They provide a fast and easy way to separate the upper and lower receivers. Design to be easily grasped for ease of insertion and removal. *...

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