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Anarchy Outdoors

Accuracy International Thumb Rest


Anarchy Outdoor's Accuracy International Thumb Rest This bolt-on thumb rest provides a comfortable and repeatable thumb position on the strong side of the grip without permanent modifications to the chassis or plastic stock skins. The thumb rests are...

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Anarchy Outdoors

Accuracy International Spigot Mount


Anarchy Outdoor's Accuracy International Spigot Mount This spigot mount is perfect for those struggling to get stable with an unsteady spigot bipod mount or want their Arca-Swiss compatible bipod mounted closer to the bore line. This one-piece bipod...

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Anarchy Outdoors

Accuracy International Accessory Rail Screws


Accuracy International AX Accessory Rail Screws: Post and Pre 2014 These accessory rail screws are for Accuracy International AX firearms. There are two versions of this rail screw. One is for AI AX firearms constructed before 2014, while the other is...

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Accuracy International

Accuracy International - AT Barrels


Accuracy International Pre-fit Barrels The Accuracy International pre-fit barrels make adding a barrel to the AI chassis a seamless process. Anarchy Outdoors carries AI pre-fit barrels for the 6 and 6.5 Creedmoor.  AT Barrel Specifications 6...

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Anarchy Outdoors

Accuracy International Barrel Thread Protector


Barrel Chamber Thread Protectors These chamber thread protectors have unique designs to match your favorite suppressor. These protectors are composite manufactured out of durable Nylon 12. The protector's dimensions fit Accuracy International barrel...

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Anarchy Outdoors

Caparison Cheek Piece Pads


Anarchy Outdoors Rifle Cheek Pads: Caparison Cheek Piece Our Caparison Cheek Piece Pads use a blended EPDM foam. The foam gets precision laser cut for the perfect fit, feel, and function. This combination of foam blends three types: EPDM, neoprene, and...

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X-Ring RDS

$49.95 - $55.94

The X Ring Rail-mounted Data System, or RDS, was designed to conveniently locate your ballistic data in a position that can viewed without moving out of your shooting position. It is simple to position and doesn't move under recoil. It also folds out of...

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Long Range Arms

Send iT Electronic Levels - MV3


Long Range Arms was started by a few friends and avid shooters in 2016 with the invention of the Send iT Electronic Level. The idea of the Send iT level began taking shape during a conversation about the shortcomings of traditional spirit levels when a...

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Area 419

Hellfire "Area 419" Muzzle Brakes

$145.00 - $170.00

Anarchy Outdoors, your one stop custom parts store is proud to supply you with Hellfire Muzzle Brakes from AREA 419. The HELLFIRE Self Timing Brake system is not just another knockoff copy of existing self timing brakes.  It was...

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American Precision Arms

Gen 3 Little Bastard Self Timing Muzzle Brake


American Precision Arms' New and Improved Self-Timing Brake  In 2019 American Precision Arms released Generation 3 Little Bastard. APA's muzzle brakes make for excellent rifle additions. However, past APA muzzle brakes did have room for improvement...

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MAGPUL MS4 Dual QD Sling


Outstanding Features of the Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling Similar to the MS3, the MS4 sling by Magpul can quickly switch between one-point and two-point configurations. It is also made with the same material and to the same specs. The difference in this...

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Cortina Precision

NextGen EC Tuner Brake

$225.00 - $250.00

The NextGen EC Turner Brake By Cortina Precision   The NextGen EC Tuner has many of the same features as the Benchrest EC Tuner Brake with a few upgrades.  NextGen EC Tuner Similarities to the Benchrest Both tuners have the elements...

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PRODUCT DETAILS The LRA 90 M-LOK Mount allows the MV3 to be mounted to any M-LOK interface in the vertical position.   Included: - MV3 M-LOK mount - 8-32 Button head screw - 10-24 Flat Head M-Lok Nut

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