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"Area 419" 3 Inch Stackable Drop Tube


Powder drop tubes are used when trying to fill cases beyond what is normally achievable with extruded powders.  The longer drop combined with relatively small internal bore allows the kernels of powder to fill the case more fully. Tubes are for use...

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"Area 419" Master Funnel Kit


Master Funnel Kit, includes the following: (1) Billet Funnel Body (6) Caliber Specific Color Coded Heads (22 cal, 6mm/243, 6.5mm/264, 7mm/284, 30 cal, 338 cal)  Calibers outside this list must be added separately, not part of a kit,...

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Area 419 Billet Powder Cup


The team at Area 419 became frustrated with undersized, cheap-feeling powder cups. And as the Auto-Trickler system has became more popular with the addition of the Auto-Throw system, something was needed that would stand up to the task in both a form and...

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Area 419 Powder Cup – Chargemaster 1500


After releasing our Autotrickler based Billet Powder Cup, we got a lot of requests for a replacement RCBS Chargemaster pan and saw some room for improvement. Introducing, the Area 419 Billet Chargemaster Powder Cup system. This system includes a...

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Basic Loading Block


Anarchy Outdoors Branded Basic Loading Blocks If you need a loading block, we have you covered with our Anarchy Outdoors banded Area 419 Basic Loading Blocks. These bad boys come engraved with Anarchy Outdoors on the nameplate. Customers can get the 308...

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Hornady Lock-N-Load Case Cleaner

$231.76 $156.99

The lock-n-load sonic cleaner 2 liter features an 80 watt ceramic heater that enhances cleaning action and especially helps when cleaning gun parts.Its large two liter stainless steel tank holds up to three hundred 223 cases or one hundred fifty 308...

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Hornady Lock-N-Load Neck Wall Thickness Gauge

$89.70 $60.99

This accessory to the concentricity tool offers the next step in ultra-precision reloading.Its.0005 increment dial indicator helps identify neck thickness variations so you can sort and measure case necks or verify your neck turning operation- ultimately...

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Hornady M-1 Brass Case Cleaner 1 Universal

$124.62 $84.99

Add to the quality of reloaded ammunition by using the m-1 case tumbler to clean and polish large quantities of cases quickly and efficiently.Coupled with hornady's tumbling media, the cyclonic and vibratory action of the tumbler cleans brass to a...

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Lyman Ultrasonic Case Cleaner 1 Universal

$545.80 $368.99

Lyman's turbo sonic 6000 ultrasonic case cleaner features two industrial-grade ultrasonic transducers, a heated tank for optimum cleaning performance, and a large plastic parts basket with convenient handles.The built-in drain and hose make solution...

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RCBS Auto Priming Tool Multi-Caliber Universal

$173.98 $117.99

The automatic priming tool is fast, accurate and highly sensitive due to a unique single-stage lever system.Primers feed through the auto primer feed tube one by one, preventing potential contamination by oily fingers.Two primer rod assemblies and two...

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Short Action Precision Two Round Holder


Short Action Precision Two Round Holder Hold an extra two rounds right where you need them in a pinch with the SAP Two Rounder! This two-round holder attaches with Velcro to the side of the rifle near the ejection port.  This shell holder is the...

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