Area 419

"Area 419" 3 Inch Stackable Drop Tube


Powder drop tubes are used when trying to fill cases beyond what is normally achievable with extruded powders.  The longer drop combined with relatively small internal bore allows the kernels of powder to fill the case more fully. Tubes are for...

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"Area 419" Master Funnel Kit


(1) Billet Funnel Body (6) Caliber Specific Color Coded Heads (22 cal, 6mm/243, 6.5mm/264, 7mm/284, 30 cal, 338 cal)  Calibers outside this list must be added separately, not part of a kit, please click link at left...

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Area 419 CZ455 Scope Base


When Area 419 set out to build this they wanted to solve the problem of CZ455 scope bases that slide around over time. The simple dovetail/set screw bases work for some people but they weren’t happy. This design, made from a single piece of T7075...

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Billet Adjustable Base for Auto Trickler V2


NEW from Area 419 – a billet adjustable base for the popular Auto Trickler V2 powder trickler. This item replaces the 3D printed base that comes with the Auto Trickler unit. This base is precision CNC machined in house from a solid bar of 6061...

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Hellfire "Area 419" Muzzle Brakes


Anarchy Outdoors, your one stop custom parts store is proud to supply you with Hellfire brakes from AREA 419. These self-timing brakes are designed from the ground up and have no equal, are extremely effective, easy to install and more versatile then the...

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Hellfire Universal Adapter


Part of the Hellfire Modular Brake System.  Only purchase this to use your Hellfire Self Timing Muzzle Brake or Hellfire suppressor mounts on multiple rifles. DOES NOT INCLUDE MUZZLE BRAKE     Universal Adapter: – Universal...

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