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ARCA Swiss/ Dove Tail Accessories

Anarchy Outdoors

Accuracy International Spigot Mount


Anarchy Outdoor's Accuracy International Spigot Mount This spigot mount is perfect for those struggling to get stable with an unsteady spigot bipod mount or want their Arca-Swiss compatible bipod mounted closer to the bore line. This one-piece bipod...

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Sawtooth Rifles

Sawtooth Rifles Forend Rail: Accuracy International

$125.00 - $149.00

Straight from Sawtooth Arms, these forend accessory rails attach to the forends of the Accuracy International rifles and chassis. This rail allows attaching accessories to the rifle, and the rifle to a tripod, with standard RRS 1.5" dovetail (aka...

Sawtooth Rifles

Dependabilt SideTrak M-Lok Weight Set


The Dependabilt Side Track M-Lok Weight Set The M-Lock forend weights by Dependabilt include two weights and M-Lock hardware. The design of these weights allows them to attach to the rifle sides, which adds width and grip so the shooter can hold onto...

Sawtooth Rifles

Arca Swiss Hand Guard Adapter for KRG Bravo & KRG Whiskey-3

$88.99 $68.99

This forend accessory rail attaches to KRG Whiskey-3 forends.  The 1190SA has been confirmed to fit on KRG R700 Bravo/X-Ray and 10-22 These rails cantilever past the forend to give an overall length similar to a spigot mount, yet maintain a single...




Arca Forend (Aluminum): The Arca Forend was designed specifically for competition use and will help you hone your PRS match competitiveness. This forend features an Arca Rail cut directly into the forend and a plethora of threaded mounting positions. It...

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Area 419

AREA 419 ARCALOCK Fixed Barricade Block


– Developed for use on our flat ARCALOCK rails such as the 12″ Universal, M-LOK, Keymod, and MPA that do not have a built in stop– Slides on from the end of the rail and can be locked in any position on the rail– 1-1/8″ tall...

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The Arca Spigot Mount is a modified version of the standard KRG Spigot Mount. It has an Arca rail cut into it so you can use all the various Arca clamps and items right on your KRG Spigot Mount. The Spigot Mount is one of our most popular accessories as...




The KRG Arca rail gives you Arca-Swiss rail functionality for your KRG Whiskey-3, X-ray, or Bravo chassis. It's low profile and light weight and mounts to the bottom of the forend without being obtrusive. There are limitless possibilities for mounting...

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Sawtooth Rifles

Arca Swiss Hand Guard Adapter for Ruger Precision

$99.00 - $109.99

The Sawtooth Dovetail Rail for Ruger Precision Our friends at Sawtooth Rifles have made some pretty cool dovetail rails. This handguard adaptor is neat because it mounts directly to the factory rail, allowing the shooter to position a tripod anywhere...

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MasterPiece Arms

MPA RAT Magnetospeed Adapter

$89.99 - $99.99

The RAT Magnetospeed Adaptor is used on our RAT System (Rapid Adjustment Technology). It is designed to provide an attachment method of a Magnetospeed Ver. 2 & 3 to the RAT Dovetail Plate (Spigot Mount) on the MPA BA Chassis. This will include the...

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Area 419

Area 419 ARCALOCK 12″ M-Lok Dovetail Rail


Introducing the ARCALOCK Dovetail Rail System *Rail is only locking with an Area 419 clamp* Rail Features:– Serrated rail sides interface with our proprietary clamp design to mechanically lock it in place so no movement is possible...