MagnetoSpeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator


The T1000 is a rugged target hit indicator with a weatherproof enclosure and long battery life. It was designed to be mounted to the back side of AR500 steel targets 10 inches in width or greater. While mounted, it is in an always-on state waiting for...

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MPA RAT Magnetospeed Adapter


The RAT Magnetospeed Adaptor is used on our RAT System (Rapid Adjustment Technology). It is designed to provide an attachment method of a Magnetospeed Ver. 2 & 3 to the RAT Dovetail Plate (Spigot Mount) on the MPA BA Chassis. This will include the...

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The MagnetoSpeed Sporter Chronograph Kit

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The MagnetoSpeed Sporter chronograph kit was designed to be used on barrels from 1/2 inch up to 1 inch in diameter. In can also accommodate muzzle brakes, flash hiders, etc, up to 2.7 inches in length. Ideal for contoured rifle barrels (sporter barrels)...

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The V3 MagnetoSpeed Chronograph Kit - Hard Case

$399.99 $379.99

The V3 MagnetoSpeed now has:Improved Display* A three-button menu system (replaces old toggle switch)* Battery options are; (1) 9-Volt or (2) CR123s (replaces 4 AAA batteries)* Easy access battery compartment, no need for screwdriver to swap batteries*...

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