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Become an Anarchy Outdoors Ambassador


Interested in helping spread the word about Anarchy Outdoors products while getting hands on with our cutting edge products? We're looking for Anarchy Outdoors brand ambassadors! Take the first step in using and getting first looks at the most innovative gear and accessories on the market. If you like free or discounted gear (and we have a LOT of NEW gear coming this year), Anarchy Outdoors products and have a viable promotion channel – apply today*!

What is an Anarchy Outdoors Brand Ambassador?

An Ambassador is someone willing and excited to promote Anarchy Outdoors and our products.  Promotion may include reviews, Youtube videos, discussion, Q&A sessions, blog articles, etc. Ambassadors do more than take a picture and post it online. Ambassadors are engaging and creative promotion individuals.   

Why become an Anarchy Outdoors Brand Ambassador?

We want influencers to get the gear in their hands!  First, with limited position available, you’re part of a very elite crowd exclusively “in the know” when it comes to new products.  You will have the opportunity give input and feedback on new product designs, naming, etc. Second, Ambassadors will have the chance to score free or discounted gear. 

How does it work?

When Anarchy Outdoors has a product available to promote, Ambassadors will be notified via email for gear requests.  If your promotion method / channel is applicable, you will be sent the gear/product free or at a steeply discounted price to cover cost/shipping.  Once you have the gear, review it, write about it, talk about it, and be an Ambassador.  You’ll be requested to report back on your promotion of the product to be eligible for the next product (provide the video link, blog, article link, etc.). When the next product promotion is available – you score more gear! Rinse and repeat! 

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*Space is limited to a set number of Ambassador positions.