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International Orders


International Order Eligibility:

  1. Eligible International orders require a unique order process (see below). International orders that do not follow the process result in an error message and will not be finalized.
  2. Anarchy Outdoors uses a third-party exporting partner to fulfill the eligible international orders.
  3. Orders are sent from Anarchy Outdoors to the export partner periodically.
  4. It may take between 6-12 weeks from placing your order to receiving it.

Canada Customers:

  1. Anarchy Outdoors uses a Canadian Distributor: Go Big Tactical

General Rules:

  1. Anarchy Outdoors can fulfill order to most countries including Canada (excluding Optics), the EU , the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and most NATO countries.
    1. All orders have a $200 minimum in tangible goods value.
    2. All orders cannot exceed $500 in tangible goods value. 
  2. Anarchy Outdoors uses a third-party exporter and as such, must pass along the $149.99 shipping/exporting fee per order. (Coupon codes are not applicable to International Orders)
  3. Anarchy Outdoors is not responsible for products clearing through the customs organization of a given country. Customers are responsible for any costs incurred or levied by customs or importing.

To Place an Order:

Step 1: Create an account on our website by clicking “Register”.

Step 2: Email us at to:

  • Communicate that your Anarchy Outdoors account is created
  • List the items you would like to order

Step 3: We will create your order manually and then email an invoice to your email address provided in your newly created Anarchy Outdoors account.

Step 4: Pay your invoice. Payment instructions will be sent.