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Modular Evolution

Evolution Spiked Feet Replacement


Spiked Feet quickly replacing rubber feet on the end of the legs or mounted directly to the bipod pivots.Gives secure traction of the bipod in soft ground, logs, railroad ties or other soft surfaces where you needbipod feet to stay put!

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New And Improved Evolution Tripod Adapter


This adapter quickly transforms the Evolution Bi-pod to a tripod mounted shooting platform. It takes just a few seconds to convert from a two legged bi-pod to a tripod mounted shooting support with the "Tripped Out"! This tethered pin locks the bi-pod...

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Evolution Rail Adaptor


This Rail Adapter replaces the sling swivel stud on the for-end of your rifle to enable the quick detach of the Evolution Bi-Pod. This Rail Adapter includes a sling swivel attaching point, as well as an anti rotation flush cup receptacle. Includes Screws...

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