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50 Cal .499 Bore Driver® ELD-X® 340gr

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Hornady Bore Driver ELD-X: Ultimate Muzzleloader Performance

The Hornady Bore Driver ELD-X is a 340gr 50 Cal. projectile delivers maximum energy transfer and accuracy. The stellar performance of this muzzleloader ammo comes from the thought-out design. 

Hornady Bore Driver ELD-X Features 

Everything from the load time to the performance-boosting base on this bullet is optimized to give the shooter the best chance of hitting the target the first time. 

Loads Fast and Easy 

The Bore Driver seats quickly and easily because it doesn't have a sabot, providing excellent shot-after-shot performance. 

Maximum Lethality: InterLock Ring and Copper Alloy Jacket 

The ELD-X bullets have an InterLock ring and copper alloy jacket. This ring helps the bullet retain weight on impact. While the copper jacket helps deliver deep penetration and expansion. The combination makes for ultimate on-game lethality. 

Fast And Controlled Expansion With A Polymer Tip

on impact, the polymer tip drives into the lead core like a wedge. This action initiates both fast and controlled expansion. 

A Performance-Boosting Base

The polymer base has a post that fits into the bottom of the bullet. The post diameter swells when ignited at the ignition for better torque engagement inside the projectile. Centering petals also grip the bullet's boattail while the skirt engages the rifling, which maximizes energy transmission. 

Hornady Bore Driver ELD-X Specs 

  • Box Count: 12 projectiles
  • Caliber: 50. Cal.  .499
  • Product Line: Bore Driver
  • Sectional Density: .194
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .315 (G1)
  • Weight: 340 GR
  • Application: Medium Game (50-300 lbs.) and Large game (300-1500 lbs.)
  • fast and easy to load
  • polymer base  
  • copper alloy jacket 
  • InterLock ring 
  • polymer-tip technology 

Customer Reviews

  • Hornady Bore driver ELD-x

    Posted by Walzora on Oct 16th 2023

    Odd looking black powder projectile But very accurate out of my Traditions strikerfire 50 cal and an oldie but very good tc encore 209x50 ml. The ultimate test is how this bullet performs on game. BTW the green apple candy brings back a lot of childhood days thanks AO

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