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Grayboe Phoenix 2 Stock

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Grayboe Phoenix 2 Stock

The newest addition to the Phoenix line of stocks, the Phoenix 2, is here! This stock has a platitude of upgrades you will want on your CVA.

**Certain color selections are considered custom orders. Custom order products are not eligible for returns or refunds**

Grayboe Phoenix 2 Upgrades

This bad boy has an improved vertical grip, cheek riser, shoulder carry, sling attachments, and bottom metal.

Cheek Riser Upgrades

The cheek riser has the most extensive changes. The first change is that the cheek riser is now lower, allowing the bolt to go fully back so you can extract the ball from the gun without removing the cheekpiece from the stock. The guidepost on the back of the cheekpiece is now gone, allowing shooters to move the cheek riser with one hand. This cheek riser also has some cant adjustments. This feature allows for a more customized fit for the shooter and the gun. Last, the cheek riser now sits back further to allow the bolt to cycle.

Extended Vertical Grip

The vertical grip on this stock is a quarter inch longer. This extension allows shooters with larger hands to have a better grip.

Shoulder Carry

An additional flush cup is now on the bottom of the butt stock. This feature allows for shoulder carrying.

Sling Attachments

The flush cups are now higher to help keep the rifle from moving when slung on your back.

Bottom Metal

The Pheonix 2 is compatible with all the M5 bottom metal, making it easy to transition to this improved stock.



A Little About Grayboe

Grayboe is a stock company. It focuses on making stocks available, affordable, and easy to buy. It is an American company that uses good equipment and technology to create repeatable quality and scalable improved performance.

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