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Kings Camo

XKG Ridge Pant


Why Hunters Choose the XKG Ridge Pant Hunters find themselves drawn to the many features that the XKG Ridge pant offers. After taking a closer look at what these features provide, you will see why...

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XKG Lone Peak Jacket

$179.99 $159.99

Complete Your XKG System with the XKG Lone Peak Jacket  The XKG Lone Peak Jacket makes a perfect late-season hunting addition. This outer layer jacket will protect the insulation layers...

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XKG Preacher Pant 2.0


XKG Preacher Pant 2.0 for The Active Hunter These pants come designed with high-activity in mind. They account for the ventilation and comfort needed for a hunter on the move to maneuver with little...

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XKG Lone Peak Pant


The XKG Lone Peak Pant Takes on Mid to Late Season Hunts  Specially designed for mid to late-season hunts, the XKG Lone Peak Pant has several features that set it apart. Although these pants...

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XKG Leg Gaiters


XKG Leg Gaiter Built for the Elements  The King's Camo XKG Leg Gaiter comes specially designed to endure whatever nature brings. It's constructed from a four-way stretch tri-laminate material...

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XKG Windstorm Rain Jacket

$129.99 $119.99

XKG Windstorm Rain Jacket: Changing Rain Gear Expectations Most think of hunting rain gear as sufficient if it keeps them dry, but there's more that goes into a quality rain jacket. King's knows...

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XKG Windstorm Peak Rain Pant


Layering Camo With the XKG Windstorm Peak Rain Pant This XKG Windstorm pant acts as a protective outer layer during wind or rain and complements the XKG Windstorm Rain Jacket. The brushed polyester...

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XKG Wind-Defender Anorak

$199.99 $179.99

Whitetail Hunting Reinvented with the XKG Wind-Defender Anorak  King's uses a poly twill material for this anorak because this fabric meets the four key factors they wanted it to offer...

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XKG Wind-Defender Bib Pant


Whitetail Hunting With the XKG Wind-Defender Bib Pant This bib pant compliments the XKG Wind-Defender Anorak and will complete your whitetail hunting layering system.  The Perfect Material for...

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Blaze Orange Soft Shell Vest

$69.99 $49.99

Orange Blaze Hunting Vest With Added Features  While a traditional blaze hunting vest increases your visibility to other hunters in the area, this vest also incorporates other features. It...

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Hunter Series Vest

$79.99 $69.99

Hunter Series Vest: New and Improved  This vest works well as part of a layering system. It can protect your core either as a mid-layer or an outer layer.  This polyester fabric has a...

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Hunter Series Pants

$59.99 $49.99

Hunter Series Pants: a Trusted Hunting Pant Complete King's Camo Hunter Series with the Hunter Series Pants. This lightweight pant has six pockets, a reinforced seat and a relaxed fit. These...

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XKG Insulated Gloves


Keeping Warm with King’s Camo XKG Insulated Gloves During late season hunts staying warm makes a huge difference. The XKG Insulated Glove provides warmth. However, these gloves also have wind...

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XKG Mid-Weight Gloves


Complete your XKG Layering System with the XKG Mid-Weight Gloves  These mid-weight hunting gloves make cooler days with occasional precipitation a breeze. Your hunting buddies will soon want...

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XKG Lightweight Gloves


Adding the XKG Lightweight Gloves to Your Hunting Gear  The XKG Lightweight Glove has a rubberized palm grip, conductive fingertips and four-way stretch polyester. These features make this camo...

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Kings Blaze Orange Snapback Hat


Represent with the King's Blaze Orange Snapback Hat Make sure other hunters can see you while representing a hunting brand you love with the King's blaze snapback. This hat features cotton twill...

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Kings Camo Snapback Hat


Add a King's Camo Hunting Cap to Your Gear A hat completes the look and conceals messy or sweaty hair, but it also protects your face from the sun or other light weather irritants. Richardson Caps...

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Poly Hood Mask


King's Camo Poly Hood Face Mask For those that want to increase their hunting game, King's Camo has a face mask meant for you. This poly hood mask disguises the hunter's face while allowing for a...

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