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Lapua .300 PRC Brass - Box of 100

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300. PRC Brass Cartridge Cases by Lapua

The Lapua 300. PRC brass increases accuracy among competitive shooters and hunters. The .300 PRC, when paired with a bullet over 245 grains, is an excellent choice if you plan to do some long-distance hunting for mid to large-sized game.

What Makes the Lapua .300 PRC Different

At Lapua, the .300 PRC comes designed for long-range shooting because it features a heavy bullet and high ballistic coefficients. It has superior ballistics and a beltless case configuration. Its ability to load heavier bullets allows it to exceed the .300 Winchester Magnum and other .30 Magnums on the market.

Note: This product does not include loaded ammunition.

A Little Bit About Lapua

Lapua is part of the Nammo Group. It focuses on quality small-caliber ammunition for target shooters, hunters, military and law enforcement. Lapua strives to produce the best cartridges and ammunition components. Lapua achieves reliable and accurate ammunition by inspecting each ammunition lot and carefully controlled manufacturing.

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