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Ocular Housing Anti Cant Indicator

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Ocular Housing Anti Cant Indicator By Brandt Built 

The Brandt Ocular Housing Anti Cant Indicator is an add-on kit for Long Range Arms Send It Levels. This ocular housing anti-cant indicator will fit any ocular house with a diameter between 1.4 and 2.188 inches. The housing is one inch long front to back. 

The standard kit works with scopes with non-rotating oculars. The rotating one works with rotating ocular scopes. (NOTE: Night force users must have .72 inches between the rear scope ring and taper leading to the magnification ring.)

What Sets the Brandt Built Anti Cant Different 

What makes this add-on unique is how it works without getting in the way of the turrets. With the add-on kit, you can mount the Send It Level at any suggested orientation, even if it is out of view. You can have the level up to 12 inches away from the ocular. If you need more space, you can contact Brandt Built.

The other benefit of using this add-on kit is that it allows the shooter to look through the scope and take a shot while still seeing the anti cant lights with the same eye. This feature helps the shooter not lapse focus on the reticle. 

Because of the position of the cant indicator, this device is ambidextrous. Regardless of which side you favor, the central position of the lights makes it easy to use.



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