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Timney CZ 457 Rimfire Trigger

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Upgrade Your CZ 457 Trigger With the Timney Replacement

Competition shooters need their rifles to perform reliably and consistently. The finite shifting in the gun from one shot to the next could make the difference between hitting or missing a target, which is why making sure every aspect of the rifle has tight tolerances is necessary. 

While the stock CZ 457 Rimfire Trigger is good, Timney saw some areas of improvement. This aftermarket trigger replacement for the CZ 457 Trigger has tight tolerances and a wide pull weight range. These upgrades allow the shooter to customize the trigger to their preference and reliably shoot at these settings every time. 

To ensure a high-quality trigger, Timney precision-machines and heat-treats the sear and trigger shoe to 56 Rockwell. The trigger also has a black oxidized coating, and an NP3 coated sear, which provides lubricity and reliable performance.  

Timney Sear Engagement, Overtravel and Pull Weight

This trigger features Timney’s Sear Engagement Lock Design. The sear engagement is the amount of movement before the trigger breaks. With the Timney trigger, the shooter can adjust and lock the sear engagement to match their preferences. 

Overtravel is any movement after the trigger break. After adjusting the sear engagement, adjust the overtravel by turning the screw either clockwise to increase it or counterclockwise to decrease it. The overtravel on these triggers can range from zero to infinity. 

Pull weight can be increased by turning the pull weight screw clockwise and decreased by turning the screw counterclockwise. This trigger comes factory set at 1 lb., but the pull weight can range between 10 oz. and 2 lbs. 

Timney CZ 457 Rimfire Trigger Feature Specs 

FITS: CZ 457 actions

PULLWEIGHT: Adjustable from 10oz. – 2 lbs.

SEAR: Sear Engagement Adjustment Lock design, (SEAL’d) Adjustable Over Travel

MATERIALS: Trigger and sear come machined from premium tool steels, heat-treated to perfection Trigger is black oxide finished, and sear is NP3 coated

SAFETY: Trigger blocking 2-position safety 

Customer Reviews

  • Cz 457 trigger

    Posted by Jeffrey Job on Nov 1st 2023

    Since I grew up in the 70’s with 6 pound junk lawyer proof triggers I really appreciate good ones. This was easy to install and it was set at one pound with no creep so I didn’t adjust anything. It breaks like a glass rod and is well worth the money. I think most guns can shoot more accurately than the shooter and a big reason for that is a poor trigger. In my opinion it’s more important than a barrel upgrade at $600 plus.

    My CZ is a 17 HMR so I’ll be using it at extended ranges and on smaller targets so I need every component to be top notch if I expect to connect.

    If you bought the CZ you already appreciate quality so don’t cheap out, get this trigger. You’ll be wearing out your smile muscles!

  • Timney CZ457 trigger review

    Posted by Dan Thompson on Feb 27th 2023

    An excellent trigger. I haven't measured how low I have mine but It's as low as I want it to be. I purchased the flat shoe model.
    Extremely happy with Anarchy Outdoors price and very fast shipping.

  • Triggered

    Posted by Pacific Rimfire on Jun 15th 2022

    Super awesome trigger. Cycling the action got a bit more stiff, more resistance when closing the bolt down compared to the stock trigger. Not sure if it needs to be broken in more. I ran about 250 rounds through it so far.

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