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Compensator - CZ-P10c 9mm

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CZ-P10c Compensator By Anarchy Outdoors 

Unlike other compensators, the Anarchy Outdoors CZ compensator for the CZ-P10c reduces felt recoil by as much as 50% without adversely affecting shot power. The Anarchy Outdoors compensator achieves this reduced kickback by attaching to the muzzle and adjusting how the gasses port at the muzzle.

CZ Compensator: Feature & Benefits 

  • Reduces kickback by up to 50% by pushing down the muzzle and redistributing gas pressure; does not sacrifice shot power
  • It helps decrease the time between shots
  • Easy installation 

 *The Anarchy Outdoors Compensator is not compatible with threaded barrels

*This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by CZ-USA.

Faster Target Acquisition With The AO Compensator 

The other benefit of this piece is faster target acquisition. Our compensator helps with quicker target acquisition because the recoil is decreased, which allows you to get ready for your next shot more easily.

Go Crazy With Color Customization 

The icing on the cake is that you can customize your Anarchy Outdoors CZ compensator with a variety of colors. This easy add-on comes in black, red, blue, gold, or purple. 

The Anarchy Outdoors Warranty 

The best part about purchasing Anarchy Outdoors products is the warranty. All AO-branded products are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If your AO product doesn't work, we will fix or replace it. 


Other CZ Upgrades To Consider 

If you want to add more upgrades and accessories to your CZ, check out our CZ product page. This page has a variety of products by Anarchy Outdoors and other brands we trust. 



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