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Compensator - HK VP9 SK

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HK VP9 SK Compensator By Anarchy Outdoors

With the Anarchy Outdoors compensator for the HK VP9 SK, you can reduce your pistol kickback by up to 50%. This compensator attaches to the muzzle, allowing the gasses to combat the recoil without sacrificing shot power. The reduced recoil helps the shooter achieve quicker follow-up shots. This easy add-on comes in black, red, blue, gold, or purple.  

HK VP9 Compensator: Features & Benefits 

  • Reduces kickback by up to 50%
  • Does not sacrifice shot power
  • It helps reduce the time between shots
  • Has easy installation 

*The Anarchy Outdoors Compensator is not compatible with threaded barrels

*This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by Heckler & Koch.

The Anarchy Outdoors Warranty 

Anarchy Outdoors produces quality products backed by a lifetime guarantee. If our products don't work as they should, we will replace or fix them. 


Other HK Aftermarket Parts and Accessories 

Those who want more HK parts and accessories should check out our HK collection. We have a selection of products produced by us and other reputable brands we trust. 


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