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Short Action Precision Two Round Holder

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You must clean the stock with a good quality rubbing alcohol (91% preferred) and let that dry completely to prepare the surface for proper adhesion of the supplied industrial strength Velcro piece!


Short Action Precision Two Round Holder

If you need an extra round or two in a pinch, this two-round holder will do the trick. Attach this velcro 2-round holder to the side of the rifle for easy access. Now, regardless of the situation, you can make the most of a stressful circumstance by having a couple of extra rounds ready at all times.

If you don't know which two rounder you should use, measure the case OD and compare the specs. Anarchy Outdoors carries SAP two round holders for .223, .308 and Magnum calibers. These also come in a variety of colors. 

Attaching the Two Round Holder

First, clean the stock with rubbing alcohol. After it has dried, slap the adhesive side of velcro piece on, and you're ready to go. 


.223 Two Round Holder:

  • designed for .223 / 5.56 cartridges

  • Based on a Case OD of .376" / 9.55mm

  • Will take cartridges .3.40" / 8.63mm up to .440" / 11.18 mm

.308 Two Round Holder:

  • For all .308 based cartridges to .300 Win Mag 

  • Based on a case OD of .4709" / 11.96mm

  • Will take cartridges .450" / 11.4mm up to .550" / 14mm

Magnum Two Rounder:

  • Fits 6.5 SAUM, 7 SAUM, .338 Lapua, and most Mag/Ultramag cartridges

  • Will take cartridges .550" / 14mm up to .80" / 20mm

  • Based on a Case OD of .587" / 14.91mm


Customer Reviews

  • Short Action 2 round holder

    Posted by Ken Eschman on Mar 12th 2024

    Great fit and function. Fair price.

  • Perfect

    Posted by Simon on Nov 24th 2023

    Illinois where we must deer hunt with single shot rifles it keeps two rounds at the ready and with a little practice and a good break action rifle you can chamber a round quickly.

  • Great, Inexpensive Shellholder!

    Posted by Butch on Aug 26th 2023

    This is a great, inexpensive way to have 2 rounds with easy access! Attaches easy and sticks tight.

  • 2 Round holder

    Posted by DR-T on Feb 7th 2022

    Simple peel and stick device. Only time will tell how long the stick will last

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