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STRIKER X COMBAT SHIRT. Best-in-class comfort paired with extreme ruggedness for military operatives. No-melt/no-drip construction. Reliable protection for elbows. LIZARD/SKIN TORSO MATERIAL. The high-stretch,...

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  THE STRIKER HT COMBAT PANTS Stay cool under pressure. WATCH VIDEO THE NEW BENCHMARK FOR HOT WEATHER COMBAT PANTS With a special airflow system, state-of-the-art knee protection, high-class fabric and component...

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UF PRO® STRIKER XT GEN.2 COMBAT PANTS ***Some orders of this product may take up to 2 weeks to ship.*** THE MOST COMFORTABLE COMBAT PANTS YOU'LL EVER WEAR The number one design concern for these tactical pants is comfort. These pants combine...

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UF PRO® Striker X Combat Pants


STRIKER X COMBAT PANTS—A TOTALLY NEW CONCEPT. UF PRO Striker X Combat Pants are designed to meet the demands of military special-forces units. Extreme rugged construction, super-spacious pocket configuration, and knee protection...

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Striker Gen 2 Boonie Hat


      COMFORTABLE, EVEN WHEN IT GETS HOT. Mesh ventilation openings in the front and back side of the boonie hat allow air to circulate freely and allow you to keep a cool head at all times...

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“Some orders of this product may take up to 2 weeks to ship.”   HUNTER GEN.2 TACTICAL SOFTSHELL JACKET. Icy wind? Constant drizzle? Unpredictable weather? The Hunter Gen.2 Jacket is right at home in these conditions...

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“Some orders of this product may take up to 2 weeks to ship.”   THE JACKET FOR SUB-ZERO TEMPURATURES. The Delta OL 3.0 tactical winter jacket keeps you comfortable in freezing cold weather so you can stay focused on your mission...

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Athlon Cronus BTR GEN2 UHD Scope

$2,159.99 $1,599.99

Buy this scope and get a $250.00 gift certificate!  A gift certificate with a code will be automatically added to your cart. A titan in long range precision. Poor weather and low light conditions are no match for UHD extra-low dispersion lenses...

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American Rifle Company M10 Scope Rings


American Rifle Company M10 Scope Rings Proudly made in the USA, American Rifle Company’s M10 Rings represent a new standard. Even under the heaviest recoil, M10 Rings hold firmly without marring or indenting the scope. These uniquely split rings...

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MDT Premier Scope Rings


The MDT Premier Scope Rings offer a solid mounting system for your optics. Made from precision machined aluminum, these rings are available for the majority of scope sizes and required heights. Designed for ultimate precision and strength: CMM...

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Send iT Electronic Levels


Long Range Arms has changed the game when it comes to precision shooting levels. If you want to take your long range game to the next level, the “Send iT” electronic level is your answer and here are some of the reasons why: You never have...

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Short Action Precision Two Round Holder


Short Action Precision Two Round Holder If you need an extra round or two in a pinch, this two-round holder will do the trick. Attach this velcro 2-round holder to the side of the rifle for easy access. Now, regardless of the situation, you can make the...

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X-Ring RDS


The X Ring Rail-mounted Data System, or RDS, was designed to conveniently locate your ballistic data in a position that can viewed without moving out of your shooting position. It is simple to position and doesn't move under recoil. It also folds out of...

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TRIGGERTECH Two-Stage Triggers


TriggerTech Two-Stage Triggers Developed with the same unmatched zero-creep break, tactile pull weight adjustment (on both stages), rugged design, and no compromise engineering. Our focus on safety led us to develop the first Rem 700 trigger with four...

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An In-depth Look at the KRG Bravo Chassis The Kinetic Research Group (KRG) Bravo chassis stands apart from the competition because of its low price point, ease of customization, and, if we’re honest, it just looks cool. KRG designed the Bravo...

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Triggertech Rem 700 Diamond Triggers


The TriggerTech Diamond Rem 700 Trigger was designed to meet the requirements of leading competitive shooters with the help of the K&M Shooting Team and several leading R700 Clone Action Manufacturers. The Diamond features a pull weight range of less...

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TRIGGERTECH Rem 700 Special Trigger


The Rem 700 Special is an upgraded version of the Primary model which further enhances accuracy and precision on any Remington 700 model rifle. Intended Use Benchrest, competition, precision shooting, military, law enforcement, long range hunting, F...

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