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Thor™ Bullet Aligner & Loading Jag - .50 Caliber

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The Thor Bullet Aligner

The Thor Bullets .50 Caliber Bullet Aligner Tool aligns each bullet, so it's properly seated and aligned for the best shooting experience. Thor obtains the precision necessary for repeatable shots because this aligner tool covers the Thor muzzleloader bullet and other .50 caliber bullets perfectly so it can load parallel to the barrel. Consistently loading at this angle has proven to improve high-performance black powder projectiles.

Additionally, the materials used for this muzzleloader bullet aligner are specific to muzzle loading needs. Thor intentionally uses a soft brass alloy. This aligner tool uses this metal because it's durable and safe for the barrel.

Thor Bullets Company Background

Thor Bullets first came on the scene in 2007. They specialize in creating full bore diameter in-line muzzleloader bullets. They are known for their quality and precision muzzleloader ammo.

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