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Thor™ Lightning Ballistic Tip - .50 Caliber

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50. Cal. Thor Lightning Ballistic Tips: 300 & 250

When you purchase the 50. Caliber Thor Lightning Ballistic Tip ammo, you are purchasing a one-size-fits-all bullet. While these bullets are tight fitting, they don’t require bore-specific sizing. They also have a quality conical that doesn’t fragment when shot.

Thor Lightning Ballistic Tip Materials

The 50. Thor Lighting Ballistic Tip bullets are 100% copper full-bore ammo. Because this ammunition is full-bore, it means these bullets are true-to-size 50. cal. Instead of a .45 with a ½” sabot. The copper also helps decrease lead poisoning caused by traditional lead bullets fragmenting into the animal.

A Better Ammo Design

Barns manufactures this ammo. It uses the Barns X Bullet® platform and expansion technology. This technology increases the expansion of the shot by 30% and creates a perfect non-fragmented mushroom that retains more than 95% of the bullet’s original weight. The superior performance of this bullet results in more internal damage when the ammo hits an animal and better blood trails.

A Faster Bullet

Because of the design of these bullets, they accurately shoot 75-100 FPS faster than a Powerbelt. This increased speed is due to the seal around the bore that results from the hallow base expanding when fired, which seals the bore and grips the rifle.

A Cleaner Muzzleloader Bullet

Unlike other Muzzleloader bullets, the Thor Lightning Ballistic Tip ammo seals itself, which means it doesn’t need a plastic sabot or any patching. Because these materials aren’t in the ammunition, it leaves the barrel cleaner, which increases accuracy and reduces the need to clean between shots.

Thor Bullets Company Background

Thor Bullets is a muzzleloader bullet company that has been in business since 2007. They specialize in full bore diameter in-line muzzleloader ammo. 



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  • Thor bullets 300 gr

    Posted by Kelly on Nov 28th 2022

    Awesome bullet for using a brake shooting great hits hard leaves big holes .

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