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Tikka T1X Threaded Adjustable Bolt Handle Upgrade

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$69.99 - $119.98


Anarchy Outdoors Tikka T1X Adjustable Bolt Handle 

Anarchy Outdoors' swept-back bolt handle's one-of-a-kind design has customization in mind. The Anarchy Crew designed this three-part bolt handle for shooters who know the difference a small adjustment can make in the overall feel of a rifle. 

Every shooter has a slightly different physique, which makes fine-tuning every aspect of the rig to the shooter ideal for precision shooting. Guns with upgrades that fit the shooter allow the firearm to become one with the shooter.   

This customizable bolt handle fits perfectly with all of our bolt knobs and adjusts to the position best suited for the shooter, which then tightens into place. For a secure fit, glue the bolt handle with Loctite once attuned to the shooter's preference. Also, make sure to avoid using pliers on the knurling, because they may mar this pattern, which would take away from the aesthetic appeal of this bolt handle.  

What Makes this Bolt Handle Different From the Rest

While other Tikka handles are removable, they aren't adjustable. Unlike other bolt handles on the market, our design can rotate and clamp in place, allowing the shooter to make small adjustments to the position of the bolt knob. This bolt handle can adjust to sweep-back or down. 

For experienced shooters, this small adjustment can make a noticeable difference. It allows the shooter to position the bolt handle in a spot that's ideal for them, making racking the bolt a fluid instead of bulky movement.   

Options and Additions to the Bolt Handle 

Like our other bolt handles, this handle has options that allow the shooter to customize their rig even further. While we manufacture this bolt handle from stainless steel, we also provide it in black nitride for those that want a more durable handle. 

Our Tikka T1X bolt handle threads also accept any of our 5/16 X 24 TPI bolt knobs, increasing customization even further. 

Features of Our Upgraded Tikka T1X Bolt Handle 

While the knurling on the bolt handle adds flare, the rest of the design demonstrates pure engineering genius. We don't want to pat ourselves on the back too much, but we did a pretty good job at creating a simple, yet unique product. 

Swept-back Design 

The swept-back design, like our CZ 455 swept-back bolt handle, brings the bolt knob closer to the shooter. For bolt action shooting, having the bolt knob closer means less movement between shots, which increases shooting consistency.   

Rotate and Clamp Feature 

The rotating feature of this bolt handle is possible because of threading added at the base of the bolt handle. However, to stop it from rotating while racking the bolt, it also has a nut that locks the handle in place. Together these features bring customization to a new level.  

Dimensions and Weight

  • Dimensions: 2.94" x 0.5" x 0.34"
  • Weight: 1 oz.
  • Material: 416 Stainless Steel
  • Made in the USA

Anarchy Outdoors' Lifetime Warranty

Anarchy Outdoors prides itself on its ability to deliver high-quality, precision, and cutting-edge gear for firearm enthusiasts. All Anarchy Outdoors’ developed products come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.




Customer Reviews

  • Adjustable bolt handle

    Posted by Carl Colson on Nov 2nd 2023

    Man this is a perfect upgrade!
    Makes bolt manipulation, much much easier.
    Where to go people.

  • Very Nice No Regrets

    Posted by Andrew McCarthy on Aug 24th 2023

    Just purchased this in black along with the Dragon Scale long bolt knob in FDE. It looks amazing in my T1X and sitting pretty in an MDT FDE Chassis.

  • Well made, well thought out

    Posted by Ryan on Jan 28th 2023

    I purchased the black swept bolt hand and a round ball knob for my t1x. I shoot nrl22 and PRS rimfire and this was a notable improvement over the factory bolt handle. Design and build quality is solid, black finish is even and appears very durable. I will say, I think the price is a bit high. However, you get a very well made product and I think that can be worth the extra money. I do recommend it if you are looking for a swept style handle.

  • T1x adjustable bolt handle

    Posted by Terry Purvis on Sep 13th 2022

    This handle along with the little Bertha bolt knob is a great update for the Tikka T1x.

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