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Accuracy International AX Cheek Piece, Low

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Accuracy International AX Cheek Piece, Low (AI-CP)

Many feel that the factory Accuracy Internal AX cheek piece won't go low enough for a comfortable position behind the rifle. If you also have this issue, Anarchy Outdoors has a solution. We designed a bolt-on replacement cheek piece that swaps out in 30 seconds and gives shooters a bottom position 0.350” lower than the factory cheek piece.

This cheek piece is especially useful for those that have done the AX buttstock swap onto the AT. It is also beneficial for users that want to run lower scope rings on their factory AX or a rifle in an AX-AICS chassis. The cheek piece can also lower further for positional or free-recoil match stages.

PLEASE NOTE – These cheek pieces are compatible with Post-14' AX and AX-AICS buttstocks ONLY. They will NOT work with Pre-14' AX buttstocks or the standard AT buttstock. A version for the magnum AXMC rifles and long action AX-AICS chassis may be available in the future - please send us a message if that's something that interests you.  

Available Cheek Rest Configurations

Short Action, AX

    – This is the “standard” configuration. It will work with the short action AX and the AX buttstock swapped onto the AT chassis. This version will NOT work as intended on the AX-AICS R700 chassis.

Short Action, AX-AICS

    – The design of this configuration is specifically for the AX-AICS buttstock with the enlarged opening for R700 bolt knobs. However, it will also work on the standard factory AX and AT/AX buttstock. (Available soon)

**Product designed & manufactured in Partnership with Accuracy Obsession.

At Anarchy Outdoors, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality, precision, and cutting-edge gear for firearm enthusiasts. All Anarchy Outdoors developed products come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Made in the USA





Customer Reviews

  • $$$ Saver!!

    Posted by JH on Sep 2nd 2021

    I recently converted my AI AT buttstock to the AX model for an adjustable LOP. Unfortunately, even when using the "High" picatinny scope rail & the Sphur 4601 mount, I couldn't get the cheekriser low enough. My only option was to purchase a taller Sphur mount for $3-400, so I decided to give this product a shot first and I'm glad I did! It's low enough that I actually adjust the comb up for the proper relief, and the best part is saved at $3-350 over buying a taller mount, plus re zeroing the scope and ammo costs associated with all that entails. I just wished I would've came across this before I spent $150 on the taller receiver rail! GREAT product, buy w/confidence!!!

  • Great Product

    Posted by Casey Ming on Jun 30th 2021

    Excellent product that gets cheekweld where it should be. Thanks!

  • Just Right!

    Posted by Def3 on May 30th 2019

    I installed an AX stock on my AT, which raised my position as the AX is taller than the AT stock. I needed a lower cheek rest or a higher scope mount. I installed the low rest and gained 5/16ths over the AI rest, which was enough to regain a proper position.

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