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Lindnerhof Horizontal Medic Pouch

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MX301 Horizontal Medic Pouch

The MX301 Horizontal Medic Pouch is a horizontally mounted, quick-access bag for first-aid supplies.

Pull for fast access

This compact, easy-to-use IV kit bag facilitates fast delivery of medical assistance in critical situations. Made entirely from our innovative new MX multiaxial laminate, the MX301 Horizontal Medic Pouch features an outer cover with a Velcro®-connected inlay, along each side of which are fixed loops—pull them using either your right or left hand for quick-release access to your medic gear. 

Individual first-aid kit, individual configuration

The new MX301 is an IFAK pouch that can be configured the way you want. Such individualization is possible due to its partitionable inlay and elastic loops that, together, let you create large, flat, fully customizable slide-in compartments for adding and easily retrieving essential medical items such as compresses, rescue blankets, chest seals, and much more. The pouch’s cover includes elastic straps on the top and bottom to permit inlay compression and securing (the straps can also be used for holding tourniquets and CATs). On the front of the main pouch is a place for patches—this can be used to label your pouch so you’ll know at a glance that it’s your IFAK.

In addition to configuring it the way you want, you can also carry this bag the way you want. One way the full MX301 Horizontal Medic Pouch can be attached to your load-out is with classic MOLLE/PALS fixation. Another way is by using the separate 5cm loops along the back of the bag to loop it onto your belt. Options is what it’s all about. 


  • Lightweight horizontal IFAK pouch
  • Made from multiaxial laminate
  • MOLLE/PALS compatible
  • Belt loops (50mm) available in addition to PALS straps
  • Total of 6 elastic straps (top and bottom) for compressing/securing contents
  • Compatible with HL506 Tourniquet Holder (not included)Velcro® faced for displaying patchesSingle-handed open—just pull the inlay from either side
    • Externally accommodates up to 2 CATs (or equivalents) with 2x HL506
  • 2 loops per side for easy pulling
  • 1 down/up orientable vertical on each side
  • Partitionable inlay
  • Inlay additionally held by interior hook-and-loop
  • Multiple elastic loops permit better organization, more secure transporting of medic supplies
  • Slide-in compartment accommodates compresses, rescue blanket, chest seal, and other similarly large, flat items.
  • Easy stowing when not in use

Color options:

  • Black
  • OD Green
  • MultiCam®

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