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Lindnerhof Small Dump Pouch

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MX463 Small Dump Pouch 

The innovative new MX463—a lightweight, attachable, and compact dump pouch—speeds up your magazine changes. Fits over your mag pouch, giving you the benefits of two pouches but with the load-out space consumption of only one. 

Wastes no space and makes you more efficient

In addition to preserving the classic functionalities you’ve long appreciated in Lindnerhof dump pouches, the new MX463 offers you more and better options for when you need a fuller load-out. 

Use the MX463 in combination with a traditional PALS magazine pouch. It’s easy. Just secure the MX463 between your load-out and the mag pouch with the mag pouch‘s PALS straps. You’ve now got two matching pouches placed securely on your load-out—but with only half the usual amount of space expended. Alternatively, attach the MX463 without the mag pouch by simply adding two MALICE clips (sold separately) to the fixation slots on the back side. 

One course of movement—no repositioning needed 

Attach the accessory Velcro® flap and you’re ready to securely fold then stow the MX463 Small Dump Pouch. And once packed up at load-out, it won’t later compromise access to your magazine pouch—that’s a promise! 

No repositioning is necessary for a mag change even when the MX463 is affixed directly to your mag pouch. Same position, same move–only faster! 

The compactness of the MX463 Small Dump Pouch is possible because this innovative new piece of gear is made of our revolutionary MX multiaxial laminate. What’s more, the pouch’s integrated reinforcement results in a stiffened opening that stays open until you’re ready to close it. A classic drawstring with a stopper at its gaiter prevents pouch contents from inadvertently spilling out. To further protect those valuables while they’re parked in the pouch, the bottom of the MX463 is made of mesh that instantly drains away any water infiltration (preventing pooling and stagnation). 


  • Lightweight dump pouch

  • Compact design

  • Fast opening

  • Stiffened opening to prevent accidental closing

  • Mesh bottom to thwart stagnant water accumulation

  • Reduceable/closable opening for contents loss-prevention

  • Drawstring with cord stopper


Dual attachment options:

  • Option 1: in combination with a MOLLE/PALS bag (e.g. MultiCaliber Bag MX119)

  • Option 2: Via MALICE clips and similar fixation hardware


Color options:

  • Black

  • OD Green

  • MultiCam®

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