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Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Shroud Replacement

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$69.99 - $124.99


Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Shroud Replacement

Replace your factory Ruger Precision bolt shroud with the Anarchy Outdoors' Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Shroud Replacement. This shroud is made in-house on a five-axis Swiss lathe to exacting tolerances out of grade 5 (6al4v) titanium, meaning it will never tarnish, discolor, and is corrosion-proof. 


  • The titanium balances the bolt weight, which increases the throw and speed of cycling the shot, and reduces binding.
  • The tight fit reduces play and rattle with the bolt
  • 17-4 Stainless steel firing pin removal tool vs. plastic factory tool
  • A Type 2 Class 3 Anodization finish provides added style and durability
  • Made in the USA


Product Details

  • Material: Titanium(high grade, polished) or Black Anodized Type 2 Class 3 Aluminum
  • Style options: solid (this listing) or fluted  
  • Additional options: with embedded firing pin removal tool or without.
  • Calibers: short action or magnum 
  • Dimensions: 4" x 7/8" x 7/8" 

NOTE: Magnum shrouds work with the following RPR calibers: .338 Lapua, .300 WM, and 300 PRC. Short action shrouds fit the following RPR calibers: .223, .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 6mm, etc.



**In April 2021, Ruger updated its short action Ruger Precision Rifle design. If your short-action RPR firing pin has the newer design (left), you will need the NEW design in the Caliber drop-down. Check back in a few weeks for compatible parts for the new design for the firing pin and cocking piece. (All Magnum aftermarket parts are still compatible with the Magnum RPR)**







At Anarchy Outdoors, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver high-quality, precision, and cutting-edge gear for firearm enthusiasts. All Anarchy Outdoors’ developed products come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.


Customer Reviews

  • Fine craftsmanship

    Posted by Waylon Davis on Mar 7th 2023

    Beautiful well made piece is equipment. Still a little more loose than I want. But it’s extra weight makes a huge difference in the bolt cycling. It’s a lot smoother and quieter.

  • solid, smooth, a little scuffed

    Posted by AJS on Mar 6th 2023

    Wish I could upload pictures, or were smart enough to figure out how.
    So when I asked if there was a difference between the black anodized and the polished titanium, I was advised the titanium cycles smoother after break-in. I figured, "why the hell not." And while my RPR isn't my most favorite child, it's currently my only bolt gun which puts it pretty high up there. Coming from the factory black shroud, I thought it might look a little weird but she looks pretty slick, to be honest.
    So the good, it's got heft, it feels solid, and the cycling feels rock steady, ESPECIALLY without that annoying rattle from the stock shroud. I'll have to come back to this again when I've had a chance to send a few rounds, but it'll probably be a while.
    The bad, it's a little scuffed. It's not a huge deal as I seriously doubt it affects functionality and you can't really see it any time it cycles anyway. It kinda irks me but I guess it adds to the character.
    I do wish they had a way to keep the allen wrench in there, not that I've had to use it but you know, keeping options and capabilities open.
    The neutral, you can see the end cap/tool when the bolt is all the way forward, if that matters to anyone.

    Overall, a great little part without needing to take out a loan. Is it necessary? Not really, but it makes it much more of a pleasure to cycle. And with a bolt action, that's about ¾ of the sex appeal.

  • Ruger precision rifle shroud

    Posted by Sang man on Dec 21st 2022

    Much better than the stick shroud although it is still a little loose. Highly recommended company.

  • Dead Bolt

    Posted by Shawn on Dec 12th 2022

    Excellent shroud. I have replaced the factory shroud with the Anarchy shroud on both of the RPRs I have owned. It was more necessary on the Magnum because the factory shroud cap kept coming off. I am not sure if it was recoil related or what. This shroud fixes the issue. It also gets rid of the tensioner spring and allows for much less rattle or noise when cycling the bolt.

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