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STRIKER X COMBAT SHIRT. Best-in-class comfort paired with extreme ruggedness for military operatives. No-melt/no-drip construction. Reliable protection for elbows. LIZARD/SKIN TORSO MATERIAL. The high-stretch,...

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  THE STRIKER HT COMBAT PANTS Stay cool under pressure. WATCH VIDEO THE NEW BENCHMARK FOR HOT WEATHER COMBAT PANTS With a special airflow system, state-of-the-art knee protection, high-class fabric and component...

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UF PRO® STRIKER XT GEN.2 COMBAT PANTS ***Some orders of this product may take up to 2 weeks to ship.*** THE MOST COMFORTABLE COMBAT PANTS YOU'LL EVER WEAR The number one design concern for these tactical pants is comfort. These pants combine...

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UF PRO® Striker X Combat Pants


STRIKER X COMBAT PANTS—A TOTALLY NEW CONCEPT. UF PRO Striker X Combat Pants are designed to meet the demands of military special-forces units. Extreme rugged construction, super-spacious pocket configuration, and knee protection...

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Striker Gen 2 Boonie Hat


      COMFORTABLE, EVEN WHEN IT GETS HOT. Mesh ventilation openings in the front and back side of the boonie hat allow air to circulate freely and allow you to keep a cool head at all times...

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“Some orders of this product may take up to 2 weeks to ship.”   HUNTER GEN.2 TACTICAL SOFTSHELL JACKET. Icy wind? Constant drizzle? Unpredictable weather? The Hunter Gen.2 Jacket is right at home in these conditions...

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“Some orders of this product may take up to 2 weeks to ship.”   THE JACKET FOR SUB-ZERO TEMPURATURES. The Delta OL 3.0 tactical winter jacket keeps you comfortable in freezing cold weather so you can stay focused on your mission...

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XKG Ridge Pant


Why Hunters Choose the XKG Ridge Pant Hunters find themselves drawn to the many features that the XKG Ridge pant offers. After taking a closer look at what these features provide, you will see why.  Specially Designed Hunting Fabric  The XKG...

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XKG Lone Peak Jacket

$179.99 $159.99

Complete Your XKG System with the XKG Lone Peak Jacket  The XKG Lone Peak Jacket makes a perfect late-season hunting addition. This outer layer jacket will protect the insulation layers underneath from getting wet. It's also windproof, which will...

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XKG Preacher Pant 2.0


XKG Preacher Pant 2.0 for The Active Hunter These pants come designed with high-activity in mind. They account for the ventilation and comfort needed for a hunter on the move to maneuver with little effort. XKG Preacher Pant Features that Set it...

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XKG Foundation 260 Merino 1/4 Zip


The Merino: A Foundation Layer in the XKG Hunting System   The Foundation 260 Merino 1/4 zip pullover shirt works best as a next-to-skin layer. This hunting shirt uses Merino wool and Nylon to enhance warmth during the winter while still...

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XKG Elevation 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Shirt


The XKG Elevation 1/4 Zip: A Lightweight Hunting Shirt The two-way stretch textured-poly-mesh fabric of the XKG Elevation 1/4 Zip makes it the lightest long-sleeve shirt in the King’s XKG Series. Unlike other long-sleeve shirts in this product...

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XKG Lone Peak Pant


The XKG Lone Peak Pant Takes on Mid to Late Season Hunts  Specially designed for mid to late-season hunts, the XKG Lone Peak Pant has several features that set it apart. Although these pants are soft, they use tri-laminate as weatherproofing to...

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XKG Leg Gaiters


XKG Leg Gaiter Built for the Elements  The King's Camo XKG Leg Gaiter comes specially designed to endure whatever nature brings. It's constructed from a four-way stretch tri-laminate material with a double-walled lower leg, which allows for...

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XKG Elevation Short Sleeve Tee

$34.99 $29.99

XKG Elevation Short-sleeve Tee From King's Camo  The design of this lightweight camo hunting shirt has comfort in mind. King's intentionally added extended back length, mesh side panels and flatlock stitched seams to increase comfort during hunts...

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XKG Windstorm Rain Jacket

$129.99 $119.99

XKG Windstorm Rain Jacket: Changing Rain Gear Expectations Most think of hunting rain gear as sufficient if it keeps them dry, but there's more that goes into a quality rain jacket. King's knows this, which is why they produced a jacket that meets...

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XKG Windstorm Peak Rain Pant


Layering Camo With the XKG Windstorm Peak Rain Pant This XKG Windstorm pant acts as a protective outer layer during wind or rain and complements the XKG Windstorm Rain Jacket. The brushed polyester reduces the noise of these pants as hunters move...

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Wind-Defender Pro Fleece Jacket

$179.99 $159.99

Wind-Defender Pro Fleece Jacket: An All-around Hunting Jacket This all-around hunting jacket stands out in the crowd of winter hunting options with its quick-dry fleece and wind-defender membrane. The fabric also reduces noise, so you can move without...

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XKG Wind-Defender Anorak

$199.99 $179.99

Whitetail Hunting Reinvented with the XKG Wind-Defender Anorak  King's uses a poly twill material for this anorak because this fabric meets the four key factors they wanted it to offer whitetail hunters. It generates less noise, provides extra...

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XKG Wind-Defender Bib Pant


Whitetail Hunting With the XKG Wind-Defender Bib Pant This bib pant compliments the XKG Wind-Defender Anorak and will complete your whitetail hunting layering system.  The Perfect Material for Whitetail Hunting King's designed this bib pant with...

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