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CZ 455/457 3 Round Mag Extension

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Increase Shooting Capacity With the CZ 445/457 Mag Extension Whether you are going on a hunt, competing, or just having a little fun on the range, having extra ammo is always a good thing. Increase your CZ 455/457 mag capacity by three rounds with...

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CZ Rimfire Rifle Extended Magazine Release


Increase Your Speed With Our CZ Rimfire Rifle Extended Magazine Release Have you ever struggled to find the tiny mag release on your CZ rimfire rifle in the heat of the moment? Magazine releases for the Masterpiece Chassis, KRG Bravo Chassis, and...

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Ruger Rimfire Extended Magazine Release


 With the explosion of interest in precision rifle shooting and more recently the rimfire offerings, new and experienced shooters have flocked to the line of Ruger Precision Products. Leagues like the NRL-22 have changed the game by offering a...

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Tikka T1x Extended Mag Release


Here at Anarchy Outdoors we have had a soft spot in our hearts for Tikka rifles for quite a while, and the T1x is no exception! This new offering from Tikka is great for those looking to compete in the ever growing NRL 22 game. While many have chosen to...

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