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Ballistic Advantage Barrels


Ballistic Advantage produces high quality AR barrels that exceed the most enduring demands that the market provides. All of there AR-15 barrels surpass the competition in accuracy, precision, and beautifully contoured aesthetics. Their team of...

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Features: Made from stainless steel for durability Salt Bath Nitriding (SBN) coating for uniform protection When it comes time to replace your gas tube, or you’re simply customizing your upper assembly, the gas tubes are an integral part of your...

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Stainless Steel Gas Block .750 DIA


Anarchy Outdoors and Titanium Gun Parts bring you a unique, stainless steel gas block manufactured to mil-spec requirements with a low profile to fit the growing gas gun market. Especially helpful in customizing short-barreled rifles. Machined from 17-4...

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