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An In-depth Look at the KRG Bravo Chassis

The Kinetic Research Group (KRG) Bravo chassis stands apart from the competition because of its low price point, ease of customization, and, if we’re honest, it just looks cool. KRG designed the Bravo with both beginners and advanced shooters in mind. This lightweight chassis takes the functionality of the Whiskey-3 and X-ray and combines them with a little bit of that traditional stock style to create the Bravo. 

Like most KRG products, the Bravo has a CNC machined aluminum backbone that grants rigidity and polymer sections that provide ample space to attach accessories. The Bravo is also compatible with many KRG and Anarchy Outdoors aftermarket accessories, including Arca rails, mag release extensions, and many more!

Bravo Magazine System 

The magazine system accepts AICS pattern magazines, including Magpul polymer and steel AICS mags.

Features of the Grip on the Bravo 

The Bravo chassis has a vertical grip with large palm swells. The tapered contour at the top of the grip is similar to the A-5 stock, offering the shooter a wide range of grip positions. 

Notable Butt Stock Assets 

Unlike other KRG chassis, the Bravo has a more traditional style buttstock, though, like most chassis systems, it is still fully adjustable. The length of pull is adjusted by adding or removing the three included spacers (you can also purchase additional spacers).

The Bravo chassis also has a comfortable recoil pad, which provides a pleasant shooting experience, especially when combined with one of our many muzzle devices

What to Notice About the Cheek Piece

There is roughly an inch of adjustable comb height in the cheekpiece. It has a simple yet effective design that can adjust with ease to the preferred position. The adjustment knob is on the support side, so lefties may want to replace this knob.  

Key Features

  • Weight: 2.9 lbs.
  • Recess on the chassis that fit any of KRG's spigot mounts
  • M-LOK recesses on either side of the chassis
  • Bipod stud and Magpul moe rail, so you can attach your preferred Picatinny rail bipod.  
  • The underside of the fore-end has mounting holes and attachment points for a variety of KRG accessories.
  • Low-profile magazine release
  • Trigger guard large enough for gloved hands to easily use. Most aftermarket triggers will fit. 
  • Vertical grip
  • 3 LOP spacers*
  • QD cups in the buttstock
  • Comfortable recoil pad
  • Made in the USA

*10/22 KRG Bravo Chassis only comes with 1 LOP spacer (0.75")

Optional Accessories:


Important manufacturer specs from KRG's website: 


*The Howa Bravo is only available in a short action. We have no current plans for long action or mini-action inlets. 

*The Tikka inlet accepts T3, T3x, and CTR versions. However, slight mods may be required on the trigger-guard for the T3 TAC A1 to function. Tikka rifles accept AICS pattern mags except for the Magpul AICS polymer mags. 

*All of our chassis take AICS magazines with nothing extra needed; the magazine is not included.

*T1x and CZ-457 both utilize their factory rimfire mags.

**Aug '18: Bravo chassis now come with polymer mag release button and still come with the 1-3 LOP spacer kit which allows LOP up to 14" approx, more spacers available for longer LOP.

***Remington 700 long action chassis come with the full Whiskey-3 forend and take 3.850" (CIP) length AICS pattern magazines or 3.715" AICS mags with included spacer.

***The Bravo Chassis DOES NOT come with the Hook-Style Cover. Please see our Accessories section for this add-on.

***Actions with trigger hangers will not work without mods to the chassis, hanger, or both. 


***Remington 700 inlets are made to accommodate standard Remington factory lugs.

  • Designed for 5 or 10 round AICS magazines (with or without front spacer plate in T3, with spacer plate only in Rem 700 unless you have a modified action).
  • Barrel contours accepted: 1.25" for 4" in front of action face, then 1.20" straight to end of forend. A 1.25" straight cylinder barrel will fit, but we feel that the clearance is too minimal. We recommend using no larger than a varmint contour to keep a proper balance.

Trigger Guard/Mag catch:

  • T3 versions will accept KRG Midas 2-Stage trigger, Barnard trigger for T3 as well as factory trigger.
  • Rem 700 version will accept the new X-mark triggers and nearly all aftermarket triggers, but some aftermarket triggers may require modifications to the trigger or chassis. (Tubb 2 stage trigger will not work nor will trigger hanger type setups)

Length of Pull (LOP):

  • Adjustable with spacers in 3/8" increments with nearly 2 1/4” of adjustment range.
  • LOP range varies slightly between versions but is roughly 12.8” to 15” (technically even longer is possible with even more spacers).
  • Bravo's include our 1-3 LOP kit, which includes 3 spacers and the hardware to mount either 1, 2, or 3 allowing a max LOP of about 1

Customer Reviews

  • KRG Bravo

    Posted by Russ on Jan 4th 2024

    The stock is great! Way better than the Savage accustock. Anarchy Outdoors is even more impressive! Fast Shipping and Great products.

  • KRG 10-22 Chassis

    Posted by Brent on Jan 1st 2024

    Fit and rigidity is good. Little short even with adjustable butt pad addition for my 6’3” frame. Had to add extra butt pad extension. Overall I like the stock.

  • KRG 10/22 Bravo

    Posted by Harvey on Nov 6th 2023

    It works for the 10/22
    Not well for me I needed additional length of pull spacers to get closer to a fit. ( I'm not large 5'11" 180 ) Overall cheaper feel.
    I do understand it is for a 10/22. I have more than this bravo and I have been pleased with all. This one fell short but it works !!!!

  • KRG Bravo Savage 110

    Posted by John on Aug 2nd 2023

    I dropped my Savage 110 SBA into this chassis and it was night and day. I suddenly had a detachable box magazine and a real cheek weld. Plus it just looks sick.

    Pros: Very attractive looking, palm swell is large and comfortable, solid construction, customizable, and best of all: affordable. Includes a short pic rail section that you can mount to the bottom of the butt for a monopod
    Cons: Action screws are captured and require a long allen bit or key to manipulate them at all, polymer stock portion is not removable with the action in the chassis (for reaching action screws with normal tools), forend not as customizable as other Bravo models, and last but least an odd sling configuration, a single uncle mikes swivel in the forend, and a single QD cup in the butt.

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