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Long-Range Muzzleloader Peep Sight - CVA Accura

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Internal micrometer adjustments have positive internal locks. The FP Receiver Sight is strong, rugged, dependable. The alloy used to manufacture this sight has a tensile strength of 85,000 pounds. Yet, the FP Receiver Sight is light and compact, weighing only 1-1/2 ounces.

For big game hunting, the FP Receiver Sight will outsell all other makes and models of receiver sights put together. Many rifles are now being drilled and tapped at the factory for installation of the FP Receiver Sight.


  • Micro-adjust windage and elevation rear peep sight.
  • Includes target knobs.
  • This specific FP sight is designed to be paired with Williams Western Precision front globe sight. The traditional front sight is not included but the FP sight can be paired with it.

FOR ACCURA LR-X and MR-X Rifles:

The best sights I can recommend for the Accura LRX and MRX is sight # 676584,  #604816 and #619545, but there are two things to be aware of. 

The barrel diameter is larger than the bottom contour of the front sight so there will be a small gap at the top of the barrel between the sight and barrel.  This is chiefly a minor cosmetic issue.  The sight can be bedded with Acraglas, or Lock-tite to fill the void or the sight bottom can be sanded to fit.

Next is because of the larger barrel diameter the front sight sits higher relative to the rear.  We find that shooting bullet weights of 325 grains or lighter at approx. max powder charge that the sight functions.  If a heavier projectile is used or the powder charge lessened the shooter may lose velocity and elevation causing an issue zeroing.

If you plan to shoot a 325 grain or lighter bullet and don’t mind the minor cosmetic issue, it can suit.  Note that due to the Extended elevation of available in the set the elevation is less of an issue but front fitment remains the same.

  • This will ONLY work with rear sights that are designed and called out for the Western Precision line sights.  
  • This will mount and fit to all round barrel inline muzzleloaders listed above such as CVA, TC, Traditions, Remington, and Knight. 
  • Comes with the Western Precision reticle insert card.  10 reticles will be included with the reticle card.
  • This will NOT fit with existing Williams peep sights.  It must be paired with a Western Precision style rear peep sight to achieve the correct sight heights for sighting in.

Customer Reviews

  • Goods bads

    Posted by Jamie on Jun 29th 2024

    Love this sight I have orders the fine fiber optic post for hunting out west cause of low night conditions. But for the bad mounting screws on my accura mrx the rear site was very loose screws are to long and flat head screws come on put star heads in those. But shorten screws and works perfect. But if your looking for precision with muzzleloader try this out I also open the peep a little for hunting

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