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CVA Universal Muzzleloader Speed Loader

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A Universal Speed Loader 

While you could get a speed loader for each of your muzzleloaders, a universal speed loader makes loading multiple guns easier. The CVA Universal Speed Loader can house a .40, .45, or .50 caliber bullet in the short tube, up to 170 grams of powder in the other compartment, and holds Variflame or 209 primer in the caps. With a speed loader, you have everything you need to load your muzzleloader in one quick grab.

How to use the Universal Speed Loader

1. With your fingers, press either a 209 or VariFlame primer adapter into one of the two primer compartments located on the cover.

2. Place the projectile into the small compartment.

3. Pour black powder, Pyrodex, or pelletized powder into the larger compartment. 

4. Close the cover securely to prevent spillage.

Loading Procedure

1. Open the cover of the compartments containing both powder and a bullet.

2. Place your thumb over the bullet compartment and pour the powder into the barrel.

3. Remove the projectile, and place the projectile into the muzzle.

4. Using a bullet starter, press on top of the projectile until the projectile is in the bore. Seat with palm-saver ramrod the remaining way into the barrel, and press to ensure projectile is firmly seated against the powder.

5. Remove either the 209 primer or the VariFlame adapter from the lid, and insert it into the breech plug. 

Universal Speed Loader Components 

  • Projectile compartment: .40, .45, or .50 

  • 170-gram powder compartment 

  • 2 cap primer pockets 

Purchasing CVA Products 

CVA is known for producing high-quality muzzleloaders and muzzleloader parts and accessories. If anyone knows what you need to have the best hunting experience with your muzzleloader, it’s CVA. If you want to upgrade your CVA Paramount Pro, Anarchy Outdoors also has you covered with our selection of aftermarket CVA products


Customer Reviews

  • Great product to keep your charge ready for use.

    Posted by Rand on Nov 3rd 2022

    These quick load works great with different powder charges, and your bullets separate along with storage space for your 209 primer keeps it all secure and dry, give them a try .

  • CVA Speed Loader - simple and convienent

    Posted by Rick H on Sep 26th 2022

    Simple and efficent design that is very convienent to carry with the essentials kit and my CVA Colorado muzzleloader. No problem carrying 4 additional loads afield in the kit.

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